Healthcare Bluebook Pricing Agreement

With this enhanced offering, Healthcare Bluebook offers employers a performance solution that allows employers to move from low value to quality care, savings and a fast king, better health quality for registered members and greater predictability of costs. For more information about Healthcare Bluebook, visit Healthcare Bluebook mission to protect patients by revealing the truth and strengthening choices. Our healthcare online shopping solution enables employers to reduce health costs by making it easy for employees to navigate to quality, low-cost facilities and doctors. Bluebook provides transparent pricing and quality information to more than 4,500 employers through our website and mobile app to enable consumers to make more informed healthcare decisions. Bluebook customers include Fortune 500 companies, more than 30 third-party directors and private and public employers. “We are proud to work with the State of Florida to provide safe and inexpensive care to state employees,” said Bill Kampine, co-founder and SVP of Healthcare Bluebook. “With Bluebook, the State of Florida and its employees will be able to easily find quality and inexpensive health care.” Healthcare BluebookFelicia NASHVILLE, Tenn.——Healthcare Bluebook is pleased to announce its contract with the Florida Department of Management Services to award its Healthcare Bluebook offerings to participants in the State Employee Health Plan to help them find the highest quality health care at the most competitive prices on the market. The Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC) is a member and works with cbgh to provide new data and analytical support to employers across the state. By combining services, our organizations intend to support the work of employers who are trying to reduce health costs and improve the health of their employees.

CIVHC and CBGH have been working together for some years, but this partnership marks the first formal agreement between the two organizations to combine data and analytics services. Synergistic goals to promote health care and help employers who can push value into the system have made this a natural evolution for both organizations. With Bluebook, Florida BUNDESSTAATes registrations can reduce their health costs by easily navigating to quality, low-cost facilities and doctors.