Smu Faculty Collective Agreement

SMUSA met with university and SMUFU representatives to discuss students` concerns about possible classroom interruptions in the event of a strike. While SMUFU is not yet calling for a strike until 9 November, we continue to defend the students and encourage both sides to reach an agreement as soon as possible. SMUSA is on the student side and we are doing everything in our power to ensure that students` voices are heard on both sides. “It will be another week before our faculty can announce 48 hours to the province and the university that they are on strike,” Nasrallah said. “Even if today`s meeting doesn`t go as we hope, there`s still time when the faculty and university can meet.” Negotiations for a new collective agreement began in June. As you may have seen in the latest news or on social media, SMU and SMUFU did not reach an agreement after two days of conciliation. Students at Saint Mary`s University are optimistic that a meeting Tuesday between school officials and the faculties union will result in an agreement between the two parties. Competitive pay and adequate workload are important to maintaining the university`s ability to attract and retain qualified full-time teachers and librarians, and is necessary to ensure excellent post-secondary training for students and their communities. SMUFU has filed a conciliation application with the Ministry of Labour and Continuing Education in order to obtain a neutral third-party intermediary. The aim of conciliation is to cooperate with SMEs and the university in order to find common ground and reach an agreement.

Historically, conciliation has led to new and successful agreements between universities and faculty unions in Nova Scotia. An update of your student association regarding collective bargaining We need to freeze or reduce student education so that ALL members of our society can visit the university. We need to significantly increase public funding so that post-secondary education does not depend on the education of international students and can afford to provide all workers with decent wages and benefits. Our working conditions are your learning conditions. Post-secondary education should be affordable for all faculties and students! If TA and Marker have better documentation of their specific agreements during the course, there is a better case for all those who initially signed a mandatory form to later agree on changes in work volume, so that the hours of work – contractual hours – paid hours. Two days of negotiations in mid-December failed because of an agreement and the faculty union said union action could be possible this month. He said that if there was no agreement on Tuesday, there would always be hope. The SMUFU, which currently represents 293 faculty and professional libraries, conducted a secret election strike that ended on 19 October, with 80% of members voting “yes” to strike. Students and teachers understand that there is a cost to everyone during this pandemic.