Voice Over Agreement

One last thing. The document you have just read is followed by a legal section in which I formalize this working agreement in a way that would make lawyers very happy. The entire document can be viewed online. All I need to do is send a link to a customer`s website. A signature is a powerful and binding tool that you can use to your advantage. When a customer signs for something, he explains that he fully understands the agreement and everything it involves. If they ever go back on what they said, you would have written proof of their consent. An exclusivity agreement regulates the type of jobs that voice-over talents can accept after working with the client. For example, a customer like Nike should not allow a synchronous speaker they have hired to work with a major competitor like Adidas.

The client will most likely want to clarify this issue in advance by establishing exclusivity. If you gain strength in your singing career and start booking more work, you`ll find a multitude of contracts and vocal action chords. On the surface, voice-over chords may seem enigmatic, confusing or detached from the art of vocal action. However, you are very important to understand if you book a large number of jobs as a professional synchronous speaker. If you`re in control of the diversity of voice-acting agreements that customers can present to you, then you`re on track to introduce yourself as an intelligent business owner and take charge of your career. As you can see, I have tried to cover all the basics, but I have to tell you that this is a work in progress. Don`t hesitate to add everything I may have missed. The comment field at the end of this blog would be perfect for that. The license covers the rights to use your language recording, including the medium on which your voice is listened to and the length of time it lasts to use the speech recording. For example, voice recordings broadcast for a standard duration of 13 weeks as part of a local radio or television spot require a licence other than a voice recording, used in an internet display that has a global reach and can last much longer.

Important: I`m a synchronous actor, not a celebrity impersonator. Identity change can be considered a form of theft and it is illegal to imitate a person without his permission with the intention of generating a profit. 5. Give me the background story of a character and/or an image of a cartoon character that I like to vote for. Tell me about age, family history, education, work, life experience, focus, intentions, etc. In beginner`s Guide to Voice Acting, we explained the importance of encouraging clear and open communication with customers to ensure that you are on the same page regarding the expectations of a particular project. We have considered the possibility that you may be invited to sign a confidentiality agreement, also known as NOA, which involves not disclosing certain information about your work on a project, whether for a fixed period of time or forever. NDAs are just one of many chords that you can experience in the voice world when a client has hired you for a job and needs to make sure you are looking at the final results. This information may contain confidential and exclusive information or trade secrets. Learn more about the role of privacy agreements in Voice Acting. If the actor you hire is not a member of SAG-AFTRA, the contract letter would not apply.