Your Agreement With Hell Shall Not Stand

Verses 1-4 What men are proud of, that they are always wicked, is for them a crown; but pride is the precursor to destruction. It`s stupid to be drunk. Those who are overwhelmed by wine are overwhelmed by Satan; And there is no more drudgery in the world than hard drinking. Your health is ruined; People are broken in their vocations and property, and their families are ruined. Their souls risk being defeated forever, and all only to satisfy a basic thirst. In God`s avowed people, like Israel, it is worse than in any other. And he`s just taking away the surecover they`re abusing. The fullness they were proud of is only a faded flower. Like the early fruit that, once discovered, is pinched and eaten.

PredestinationEph. i. 11.– “In whom we, too, have acquired a predestined inheritance according to the purpose of one who does everything according to his own advice of his own will.” –Rome. ix. 22, 23.–And if God, ready to show his wrath and to make known his power, endured with great age the vases of anger that corresponded to ruin, and let him make known the richness of his glory on the vases of mercy which he had prepared for glory. In the creation of the world, the Lord loved… Hugh Binning – The Works of Pastor Hugh Binning 16. Literally: “See me as the one who posed”; that is, in my divine counsel (Revelation 13:8); nothing but me could put it (Isaiah 63:5). Peter Jesus Christ; Ezekiel [MAURER], or the Temple [EWALD], do not recognize the full meaning of the language; but point to Him only in the way in which the prophecy obtains its exhausting completion; Whether Isaiah understood his fullness or not (1 Peter 1:11 1 Peter 1:12), the Holy Spirit considered his fulfillment in Christ alone; 32:1; Compare Genesis 49:24 , Psalms 118:22 , Matthew 21:42 , Romans 10:11 , Ephesians 2:20 . tried — by the devil (Luke 4:1-13) and by men (Luke 20:1-38), and even by God (Matthew 27:46); a stone of proven solidity to carry the immense superstructure of man`s redemption.

Christ`s proven justice gives his deputy victim special merit. The connection with the context is; Although a “scourge” will visit Judea (Isaiah 28:15), God`s grace will not be lacking on the rest chosen and on his kingdom, of which the “Zion” will be the center, because it rests on the Messiah (Matthew 7:24 7:25 , 2 Timothy 2:19).