Nhs Framework Agreements

“We are pleased to be working with NHS SBS to establish a framework agreement portal with our cloud and cognitive agents for artificial intelligence that will improve productivity, accuracy and interaction throughout the supply cycle. The Level Global Cognitive Application Ecosystem has been specifically designed to support organizations like NHS SBS and revolutionize the way their employees work and engage so they can focus on what`s most important in the business. After a simple and intuitive registration process, users can access more than 70 frames to find the services or suppliers they need before checking purchase guides and contract information, including price lists, specifications and delivery times. Users can also request services such as . B mini-support to competition via the portal. The “Measured Terms Contract and Minor Works” (Hard FM) framework includes work, including: reactive painting and decoration; Mechanical maintenance, electrical work and building maintenance. This framework offers potential savings of 5-10%. The framework agreement portal can be provided under www.sbs.nhs.uk The Clinical Managed Services Framework provides comprehensive coverage in the area of managed service delivery. The framework includes diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, kidney laboratories, catheterization, decontamination and maintenance services. Developed by NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) and Level Global, a leading provider of software for cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) in the UK, the unique Framework Agreement Portal will help users identify the framework agreement that can be used for the quick and compliant purchase of the necessary products and services. Executives fall into the following four categories. The Workforce and Wellbeing Services Framework was designed to provide Dener with a high-quality, multidisciplinary health and wellness service.

The framework includes a full range of basic services, as well as optical services and a secure health service offering of effective quality. This framework offers a potential savings of 2%. The Removal Services (Hard FM) framework includes general, tailored and specialized distance services. The frame may also include storage and disposal of debris and/or equipment. This framework offers potential savings of 5-10%. The Car Park Design, Build, Finance and Operate (CPMI) Framework offers a full range of services related to the design and construction of public sector parking spaces. This framework has a savings potential of 5%. The interpretation and translation framework offers a variety of interpretation and translation services, including face-to-face (spoken language), British Sign Language (BSL), telephone interpretation, documentary translation and video interpretation. This framework saves up to 25% compared to the previous agreement.

Our contracts are ranked in alphabetical order (A-Z) with 40 contracts on each page. All of our frameworks are PCR15 compliant and include: The Medical Gases in Cylinders and Bulk Gases Framework provides NHS SBS customers with a competitive framework for the purchase of cylinders containing a variety of medical gases. The Modular Buildings Framework is the only national agreement of its kind. This framework covers location solutions for purchase, leasing and leasing. On average, the framework offers 5% savings directly compared to purchasing solutions. The construction consulting framework provides a pathway consistent with access to construction consulting services. There are a number of pricing options for traditional, design and construction options for construction and renovation projects. This framework offers a potential savings of 10 to 15%. The Procedure Packs Is a flexible and comprehensive framework that meets the needs of all customers. The frame includes: nuts, blood culture boxes, station and collective packaging boxes, surgical and non-surgical boxes.