Tai Calon Tenancy Agreement

Your lease is a kind of lease that allows you to live in your home for a certain period of time. It is often 125 years from the date of the first sale and is known as the term. This section of the website is intended to provide you with a series of useful information about your lease, your rights and your responsibilities. For more information about tenants, please contact Brenda Annand by email Brenda.Annand@taicalon.org or call her on 01495 294 891. Home “Updates” HAS Renew Contract with Social Housing Provider Tai Calon HAS looks forward to working together in the new year and into 2018. Tai Calon will provide you with a repair and maintenance service focused on maintaining wind and waterproofing, improving the energy efficiency of your home to help you save money (and reduce harmful carbon emissions that contribute to climate change) and ensure that services in your home work properly like water, electricity and heating. We will also look at things that can affect your health and safety, such as fire safety, gas, condensation, etc. These will be discussed in more detail in the Safe At Home section. If you bought your home on the open market, the seller will have transferred all the terms and conditions to you as part of the sale process.

Hello, and thank you for the election of Tai Calon Community Housing. Founded in July 2010, Tai Calon is a non-profit organization that focuses on tenants and communities at the centre of their ethics. Visits to this office can only take place by appointment. Sometimes there is no substitute for conversation with a real person. So don`t forget that you can speak to our friendly and experienced staff on 0300 303 1717 on 0300 303 1717 if you would like advice. THE HAS were delighted to renew Tai Calon`s contact this month (December 2017). This means that HAS will continue to work closely with the housing provider on all aspects of its asbestos management. Your landlord is a complex legal document. This is a contract between you and Tai Calon Community Housing that defines the rights and obligations of both parties and the procedures to follow, for example if you want to sell, sublet or upgrade your home. Organizations aim to make a positive difference to life by creating thriving homes and neighbourhoods where people are proud to live. Your tasks are to be a good tenant and neighbour, to keep your home and garden in order and to perform minor tasks that are necessary. These include decorations, small plaster repairs, grubbing-up waste and sewerage.

These are explained in more detail in the “Report your repairs” section on the site. The landregister Wales Office Ty Cwm Tawe Phoenix Way Llansamlet Swansea SA7 9FQ Tai Calon is one of the largest providers of social housing in Blaenau Gwent with 11 supported housing systems. The social housing provider has more than 6,100 dwellings in the three valleys. In order to help you do the small maintenance work that is your responsibility, our collaborators have made some short films about how you can accomplish some of these tasks. For example, if you click the “condensation” button, you`ll see a short film on how to avoid condensation in the house.