Collective Agreement 440

With the recently negotiated interim agreement with Components 1 and 2 of LOCAL CUPE 4163, collective bargaining has exceeded half-time at UVic. CUPE Locals 917 and 951 have entered into preliminary agreements with the University of Victoria to conclude collective bargaining for higher education professionals. Read more: Collective bargaining continues after cupE 4163 has obtained more information in common: CUPE and the University of Victoria conclude preliminary agreements With the recent ratification of the CupE Convention 4163 (3) collective agreement, cupE has now agreed to begin CupE 917 negotiations on 19 November. While the university hoped that negotiations with CUPE Local 917 would begin within the week of 16 September, CUPE requested that negotiations be postponed until the conclusion of the agreement with Part 3 of CUPE Local 4163 and the essential service procedure that ends with the procedure. Read more: Fall Semester Recovery Negotiations SCHOOL BASED STAFF INFO – TDSB Document Read More UNIT D – Communique 521- COVID-19 – School Closures -TDSB Document Read more CENTRAL ADMIN – COVID-19 Work From Home Protocol Mars2020 – TDSB Document Negotiations will begin on September 16, with scheduled dates until Autumn Day.