How To Deal With Disagreements In A Relationship

I`ve read a lot of your posts and emails over the past month and I have to say they come home in so many ways! I am currently in conjugal consultation with my wife and it is not working as well as I had hoped. I would really like to be able to sit down and read them and learn from them once and for all. But there`s a piece of me that believes our marriage has reached its limits. I feel like we`ve traveled so long on separate roads, it`s so hard to navigate our way to each other. I still have hope, but I wish we had attacked earlier. So for those who still have hope in a restless relationship, read, learn and listen. And above all, remember why you fell in love… and get their relationship back on track sooner rather than later. In a partnership, you have to be open to money. But disagreement on certain aspects, such as on the subject, where it is spent and how to invest it, does not mean that you two did not pass it. “While it can certainly be a problematic problem in a relationship when a partner is in heavy debt, it may be normal for partners to argue over how much money they spend and what they spend it (for example, a partner buys lunch every day at work instead of home lunch),” says Julie Williamson, a licensed guidance counsellor in Bustle. Don`t listen to you answer either — listen to me understand.

Open your ears and think about your partner`s concerns and opinions without judgment. Look at things from your partner`s point of view as well as yours. Try to get in your shoes. Even if you don`t understand exactly where they come from, you can still respect them. So turn your body towards them, look them in the eye, turn off the computer and put your phone away. This shows that you really want to communicate with your partner and hear what they have to say; This reinforces the type of support environments that are essential to conflict resolution. (Read the seven principles to make marriage work.) But not everyone can. Whether with family, friends, colleagues or exes, emotional maturity requires work.

It is clear that relationship conflicts occur because expectations are not met. Each person enters into a relationship with certain expectations. These are based on experiences of the past, childhood or as one thinks things should be. “If the core values are more or less coordinated at the end, it`s important to have a healthy way to make decisions,” said Amy McManus, a family therapist and granted at Bustle.