City Manager Employment Agreement

D. In the event that neither Party notifies this Agreement in writing of the remaining 30 days preceding the date of termination provided for in this Agreement, this Agreement shall be renewed for a period of one year under the same conditions. If the duration is not extended, it may reach its end date. This subsection should be fully effective at the end of the first seven months of employment. The extension for the next twelve months will take place, with annual extensions or termination, as planned. The extension shall be automatic, unless concrete measures to the contrary are taken or an amendment to the agreement is mutually agreed. One. The text contained therein represents the entire agreement between the parties. If the worker is permanently disabled or unable to fulfil his obligations due to illness, accident, injury, mental disability or health for a period of four consecutive weeks beyond accumulated sick leave or for twenty working days beyond a period of thirty working days, the employer has the right to terminate this contract, subject to the conditions of compensation provided for in Section 4. It is one of the most powerful.

paragraph A. However, the worker is compensated for accrued sick leave, leave, leave, compensatory periods and other benefits. Notifications under this Agreement shall be made by filing in the custody of the United States Postal Service, without wearing, as follows: dismissal for cause of cause shall be addressed by the Commission in the event of conviction of the employee for an unlawful act, namely: Refusal of compliance, conviction for fraud, embezzlement of funds, with personal gain for oneself, without delay. Non-application of the provisions of the agreement, etc. The employer is not required to pay severance pay referred to in this section. The Employer may not at any time, during the term of this Agreement, reduce the worker`s salary, remuneration or any other financial benefit, except for unavoidable budgetary reasons. D. In the event of termination of the contract by the employer, the worker shall be entitled to a severance pay provided for involuntary termination during the middle of the contract as follows: A. The Commission, in consultation with the city manager, shall determine all other conditions of employment and employment that may be fixed from time to time with respect to the employee`s performance, provided that such conditions are not contrary to or contrary to the provisions of the agreement, the charter of 20__ or any other Act. CONSIDERING that the Management Board, hereinafter referred to as `the Commission`, wishes to grant certain benefits, define certain conditions of employment and lay down the working conditions of this worker; and this employment contract between the city manager and the city of Rancho Cordova summarizes the tasks and powers of the city manager; and the obligations of the city manager, the city and the city council. .

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