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If you save documents for translation to Cloud Storage or use other Google Cloud resources with Cloud Translation, for example.B. You will also be charged for app Engine instances for using these services. In google Cloud Pricing Calculator, you will find other costs based on current rates. 0_ In context: Machine translation technology has come a long way since its introduction. While Google Translate. Finally, we also compare the similarity of the content of the paired themes. To do this, we analyze for each pair of themes the Stem-Loadings of all the shared functionalities in the gold standard and the TDMs of machine transfer. The results are presented in Figure 7. Again, the average correlation between languages is about 0.70, indicating that the current content, as measured by the distribution of basic loads, is similar for the automatic standards and gold standard corporations.

Footnote 21 This means that subjects are treated with the same terms, both in machine translation documents and in gold standard translation documents. 16 As already stated, the change in the number of subjects influences both the distribution of themes at the level of documents and corpora and the basic distributions by subject, and that is why absolute values are no longer significant. The brand worked with Grey Brazil to develop The Contract Translator, an AI-controlled tool that interprets lawyers and translates them into everyday language. AI has been trained to detect more than 500,000 legal concepts from which it identifies and extracts important information. Using conceptual diagrams, the tool compensates legal constructs with their familiar counterparts and offers instant “translations”. The neural network on which the tool runs was implemented and coded on Python with MIT`s Open NMT (Neuro Machine Translation) initiative and PyTorch software. Another topic relevant to this study concerns the impact of certain languages and language groups on the quality of machine translation. For example, mechanically translated texts may be of better quality when translated from French to English than when translated from Polish to English. There are two reasons for this. First, some language pairs are simply easier to translate than others (Koehn and Monz Reference Koehn and Monz2006). In addition, for some language pairs, larger parallel corporations are available to form machine translation models than for others (e.g. B more parallel data are available for French and English than for Polish and English).

To investigate this possibility, we include in our analysis languages of different language groups: French and Spanish (for the Italic language group), German and Danish (the Germanic language group) and Polish (the Baltoslaw language group). Footnote 5 2 Throughout the document, we use the terms word bag vectors and interchangeable document terms (TDMs). Google leaves us in no doubt. True to its mission of organizing the world`s information, Google is naturally confronted with the strategic value of written and spoken language, the medium that enables most of this information. To survive, it must also maintain explicit linguistic and semantic links between the parts of search content in each language offered and the potential advertising words that could address that content. This means that the ability to process multilingual versions of user-created language is essential for the business model. Google Translate has put machine translation in the hands of everyone who has access to the Internet, in a series of languages that were almost unimaginable five years ago. The benefits of positive perceptions of the usefulness of translation are immeasurable. Quadrupling search terms including “translation” in the two short years since the launch of Google Translate is a simple indicator of the trend…